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About Me 

My name is Sandy and I have been an avid movie buff since my childhood. For some reason Hollywood stars have always held a special attraction for me and whenever I have had the time and opportunity, all my efforts have been dedicated towards checking the latest updates on some of my all-time favorites. 

I grew up listening to Tina Turner singing 'Whats love got to do with it?' and Harrison Ford portraying Indiana Jones with such alacrity that I often found it difficult to separate one from the other. Remmington Steele followed a little later and till I watched Pierce Brosnan, I was one of those who would be steadfast in their opinion that Sean Connery was the best 'James Bond' of all times. One day I just decided to translate my passion for movies and music into a website and what could be a better way to start than paying an ode to iconic stars who have entertained us over the last four decades?

Many of the Hollywood stars whom I grew up watching are now beyond sixty years of age but are they over the hill? It would just take you a few minutes to go through their biographies that I have compiled to figure out that far from being over the hill, they are still making the best of their lives and living it king-size. I would say they are perfect examples of personas who have aged gracefully and have proved that living beyond sixty is not just an adventure into adolescence but an enjoyable and satisfying phase too. 

Not all of us can be as famous but we can surely follow in their footsteps and this explains why I have elaborated on the topic of ageing gracefully on the home page of this website. Over a period of time as I explore this topic further, I intend to focus on some more aspects of celebrities so that the rest of us can draw some inspiration from them and incorporate the traits in our lives too. 

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