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Suzzane Somers

Suzanne Somers, the third child of Frank and Marion Mahoney, was born on 16th Oct 1946 in San Bruno, California. She grew up under the shadow of an abusive and alcoholic father and was dyslexic as a child. Though poor in academics, she was inclined towards arts and drama and was an active participant in the school theatre group.

Whilst at one Mountain College in San Francisco, she mothered a child in 1965 and later married Bruce Somers, the baby’s father but eventually divorced him in 1967. She met Alan Hamel during a game show in 1968 and after dating him for over nine years, married him in 1977.

Though she was active in the acting scene and was landing few smaller roles, her big break came in 1977 with ‘Three’s company’ wherein she was asked to play the lead character. She was however shunted out in 1981 after her demand for a raise in the money being offered. Eventually she moved on to Las Vegas where she continued to perform extensively as an entertainer, resurfaced on television through soap operas like ‘She’s the Sheriff’ and ‘Step by Step’ and expanded her career by taking over as spokesperson for several companies. Simultaneously, she began many new business ventures, noteworthy among them being ‘Eat Great and Lose Weight’, her first book that she penned on diet and fitness.

In 2001, Suzanne declared she was suffering from breast cancer and garnered a lot of limelight by rejecting chemotherapy and opting for alternate therapy. Since then she has voiced her opinion regarding non-conventional medical therapies such as bioidentical hormone replacement and has penned a number of books on personal health and fitness domain. Having penned her memoirs Keeping Secrets and her autobiography which speaks of child abuse and ill effects of addiction, she made her Broadway debut in 2005 in which she played her character from her autobiography. In 2015, she appeared as a contestant in the television show Dancing with the Stars.

Presently, she is actively pursuing her passion in the field of personal wellness and fitness and penning books related to it.